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Welcome to Transcend Academy

Our Breathwork Certification program gives you everything you need to begin your own journey into the healing practice of breathwork. Learn the fundamentals of breathwork and coaching skills in this personalized 2-part course. Spaces are limited.

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What you receive with the Transcend curriculum:


Level 1: Personal Healing and Individual Breathwork Practice

  • Work with your own professional breathworker who will be assigned to you for 10 private one-on-one sessions

  • Process and release stress and trauma

  • Give yourself the best care and attention to prepare yourself to coach others.

Level 2: Breathwork Mastery Teaching Breathwork to Others:

  • Deepen your practice and learn coaching skills to help support others in their healing journey

  • Facilitate 10 breathwork sessions with a partner (20 total)

  • Get After-Program Support: We offer business coaching sessions, bi-monthly support calls and access to members-only content


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  • You can get the complete course online and become certified on YOUR time from anywhere in the world!
  • This certification is perfect for busy professionals, parents, or those who simply don't want to travel for certification.
  • It has never been a better time to become a breathwork practitioner.

  • Many people are suffering from extra stress and anxiety related to COVID-19 and are looking for ways to heal and cope.
  • Becoming certified in breathwork allows you to offer healing services within your community and provide a valuable service to others.


What You Need to Know:

Limited Spaces*

  • Our September term will be limited to 50 students.​
  • This ensures that we can give each of you the care and attention you deserve.
  • Save your spot by paying your deposit today.


  • Full program starts: September 15, 2020 
    Early Bird discount ends July 15, 2020 ​
  • Level 1 Only Start anytime after September 15th
  • Level 2 start date is: November 25, 2020

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Psychology and science-based content

  • Learn about the science of breathwork​

  • Learn psychological tools that strengthen breathwork results

  • Modules on trauma and anxiety so you're prepared

Setting you up for success as a business

  • Receive a free one-on-one business coaching session after graduation to guide the success of your unique business

Leave with experience and confidence 

  • Complete 30 breathwork sessions in this program

Receive 10 breathwork sessions in Level 1

Facilitate & receive 10 breathwork sessions with a partner (20 together) in Level 2

After care: Your success is our success

  • We don't forget about you after you graduate. We give you access to ​members-only site with videos, responses to FAQs, and special offers on upcoming courses

  • We promote you on our social media channels

  • We promote you via our graduates directory page so people can find you through our academy

  • Receive bi-monthly group support calls

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Go at your own pace

Level 1: $3000 USD
Level 2: $2150 USD
Total if taken separately: $5150 USD

Feeling curious about the program, or just want to take it at your own pace? No problem, this option is a good one for you. You can take your time, and save up for each level.

This is also a great option if you're wanting to do your own healing first before deciding if you want to facilitate.

Every step counts towards certification, so you can start here if it feels good.

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Bundle & Save

Bundle & Save Discount: $755 USD
Total price: $4395 USD

Know that this is the right program for you? Feel the calling to change lives?

Then Bundle & Save is for you.

Here we give you $1000 off for committing to your growth, and the growth of others as you step into leadership as a facilitator.

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